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About Me

Arse Eyes is an Australian musician with an eclectic range of music from nice easy listening your Grandma would like to fast in your face punk rock and fart humour. Arse Eyes became highly acclaimed in the music industry when his debut record went double aluminium selling a whopping 20 copies in the first year of it's release. In 2007 the controversial rocker had a drug overdose and was found in a hotel room. He had been found to have had 6 coffees that morning and the caffeine overdose left him loud and highly alert. Controversy struck the star again in 2013 when he was involved in a car accident. He parked at the shops and opened his door and dinged the car next to his, he left the scene without swapping insurance info. A weary onlooker filmed the event on a smart phone and sent it to the media, it took years for Arse Eyes' career to recover from the scandal. Whether you like Arse Eyes or not I'm sure one thing everyone can agree on is that it's better than Nickleback.

Genres ALL (Genres), Punk
Members Arse Eyes: Vocals
Arse Eyes: Guitar
Arse Eyes: Bass
Arse Eyes: Drums
Arse Eyes: Keyboard/piano
Arse Eyes: Harmonica, triangle
Influences Peer pressure, Alcohol, Encouragement
Phone 0458491123
Email arseeyes@outlook.com
Website arseeyes.weebly.com
Location Central Coast, NSW Australia

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