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About Me


Animal Ventura is the solo project of singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Fernando Aragones, growing up playing punk rock and reggae in noisy garage bands in Southern Brazil, Aragones ventured to Australia where the eclectic sounds of the Sydney music scene beckoned.

With the release of his critically acclaimed debut record “Forrest Street’ late 2017, Animal Ventura gathered a healthy amount of media attention, seeing the elegantly effervescent single ‘Animal’ spinning on the airwaves across Australia getting air time on Triple J, ABC Radio National and multiple community radio stations.

The release followed by a massive National tour supporting Australian surf music favourites The Beautiful Girls. With his solo and electrifying ‘one-man band’ performance, charming the stage to sold out crowds across the country.


What sets Animal Ventura apart is a unique ability to fuse effortlessly his innate funk rhythms from his native South America with the coastal indie folk of Australian shores, combined with the new wave of live looping and his thirst for solid neat beats. To top it off his soothing and timeless vocals hold strength and passion in their delivery.

The result is bringing together of the sounds of the musical genius of Stevie Wonder, Buena Vista Social Club and Sublime to a solid beat you can’t help but move your body to.

It's very little wonder that this eclectic artist has been quickly embraced - from the skate parks in Brazil to surf breaks across Australia, Animal Ventura rapidly has stormed the industry with numerous festival appearances and gigs throughout Brazil, Europe, the UK and New Zealand, as well as chalking up some Aussie royalty supports.

Whether at solo capacity or with his full band mode, Animal Ventura’s live performance is dynamic, rustic yet polished and has the ability to transport the listener to different parts of the globe through stunning music.

Animal Ventura is currently preparing the release of his next single featuring New York rapper John Robinson and producer Pat Van Dyke. Which will see him touring extensively through winter while putting the final touches on the sophomore album, scheduled for a late year release.


“If sinfully smooth vocals and dynamic melodies are your thing, then chances are you've already heard of Byron-based, Brazilian-born multi-instrumentalist Animal Ventura (aka Fernando Aragones).” – The Soundcheck

“Animal Ventura and its copacetic front man Fernando Aragones dive feet first into a summery and warm set that captures the spirit of earthy Brazilian/Samba soul traditions, wired electro-jazz, hiphop, and more – then weaves it all into a neat and stunningly lean whole.” – The 12th Block

“His vibrant guitar and vocals gave a contemporary feel to an indie singer songwriter sensibility. His musical treatment gives an uplifting feel to his sound, with vocal stylings reminiscent some of my favourite Jamie Callum tracks.” - Timber and Steel

Genres Electronica, Funk
Members Fernando Aragones
Influences Buena Vista Social Club
Phone 0478828193
Email amanda@agent27publicity.com
Website www.animalventura.com
Location North Coast, NSW Australia


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