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About Me

Andy Mammers is a veritable thesaurus of descriptive talents. Mostly he’s unassuming, un-influenced and well travelled. With guitar and voice as his tools, he has roamed the South Pacific region playing and paying his way as he went. A return to Australia has seen him quickly establish a demand for his organic performance style.

Some say that he has an innate sense of guitar that is underlined by his tasteful licks and subtle, selective and somewhat authoritative delivery. Andy’s take would simply be that he just plays what sounds right. And it is that simplicity that brings audiences in. They are warmed by his ability to change any venue into a lounge room where you become an instant friend, delighting in his ability to emerge from sensitive lyrics to an outrageous Kazoo solo (again, simply because it sounds right in the song).

As an observant participant in his audience, you just don’t know if you should have come back from the bar with hot chocolate and marshmallows or a pint.

Genres Acoustic
Phone 0409 918 895
Email andrew@mammers.com
Website mammers.com
Location Whitsundays, QLD Australia


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